Signotec Gamma 5”

5-inch signature tablet with full-color LCD display and backlight
signotec Gammasignotec Gamma
Signotec Gamma

Signature tablet with full color LCD display and backlight

SIGNOTEC GAMMA 5" is designed to accurately capture the signature in a stationary system with a large full-color display with a diagonal of 12.5 cm (5 inches), ideal for customer service points and cash terminals. With an external size of 145 x 177 x 12 mm, it is very compact and sets new standards in design and functionality.This signature tablet is the ideal platform for a robust, customer-centric eSignature architecture.

Ultra-flat tablet with innovative touch surface made of special tempered glass by ER-technology, as well as a full-color display with high resolution, makes it possible to perfectly display graphic and textual information. ER - Technology is suitable for manual recording on the screen, it is sensitive only to the ERT-stylus, not to manual touch, which does not lead to incorrect input.

ERT (electromagnetic resonance technology) implements a powerful contactless interface for handwriting, which guarantees high quality signature capture on the tablet, with the ability to capture the signature even when moving the pen in the air. This special pen without power supply with replaceable tips defines 1024 degrees of pressure. The SIGNOTEC GAMMA 5" design provides an extremely long service life - more than 30 million signatures.
Manufactured in Germany.

Dimensions [LxWxH]: 12 х 145 х 177 (with handle holder) mm
Display type: Color TFT with backlight
Screen size: diagonal 5" (12.5 sm)
Resolution: 800 x 480 px (pixel density 188 x 188 ppi)
Scroll function: Yes
Pixel size: 0,135 x 0,135 mm
Visible area: 108 x 64,8 mm
Used technology Electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology
The sensor responds only to the pen. There are no errors by hand touching to sensor
Signature area: 108,0 x 64,8 mm
Resolution: 2540 lines / inch (without interpolation) 10206 x 7422 pixel ≙ 2400 x 2910 ppi
Linearity +-0,4 mm
Pen Pen without power supply with replaceable tip
Number of pen pressure levels 1024 (without interpolation)
Duration of serviceability of a tip of a pen 1,2 million at 250 grams of pressure and a length of 2.5 cm.
Number of signatures 30 millions
Surface hardness The surface of the sensor is made of carbide glass
Electronics / Digitization
Coordinate output speed 500 Hz 4D samples (consisting of x, y, time, pressure coordinates)
Internal sampling rate 6.000 samples per second
USB port USB-HID Full-Speed
Serial port Optional internal USB to serial converter
USB support for automatic shutdown Yes, when the signal is received, the equipment turns off
No special driver required
Software/SDK SDK and special tools are free to download
Data transfer AES 256 data transfer between PC and tablet via RSA
The serial number Unique with the possibility of recovery
Firmware Changes when downloading software
Plug'n'Play Yes
Firmware read protection Yes
Weight 220 g
Cable Micro USB - USB-B, length 2.7 m.
Power consumption 450 мА; Standby 18 мA
Certification and standards TÜV, CE, DIN EN 60950-1, DIN EN 61000-6-1, DIN 61000-6-3
ROHS Meets the standards ROHS
Operating Systems Windows XP (SP3) and high, Windows Server 2003 and high,
Windows Terminal server support, Linux; 32 and 64 Bit
Settings for storage and operation
Protection class IP 52
Operating temperature range From -10° to +45°C
Storage temperature range From -25° to +70°C
Maximum humidity for work and storage <= 90% (without condensation)
Maximum atmospheric pressure > 700 hPa
Reliability / Quality Assurance
High temperature test 240 hours at +80°C
Low temperature test 240 hours at -40°C
Humidity test 240 hours at temperature +60°C and humidity 90%
Temperature drop test 30 minutes at -40°C and 30 minutes at +80°C (ten repetitions)

You can get advice on tablets for signature by contacting the company Versiya by phone: (044) 299-85-05.
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Dmitry Serkov, Expert Department Director, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.