ВЕРСИЯ® Computers

Detailed information about the technical characteristics of ВЕРСІЯ® computers can be obtained from Versiya company by phone: (044) 299-85-05.

Contact person - Yurii Bazylev, Customer Service Manager,
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ВЕРСІЯ® Lite Computer

ВЕРСІЯ® Lite Computer

ВЕРСІЯ® Lite Computer is positioned as a simple and inexpensive entry-level computer for performing typical office tasks (office work, accounting, office applications, e-mail and the Internet) and is recommended for equipping offices.

ВЕРСІЯ® PRO Computer

ВЕРСИЯ® Pro Computer

ВЕРСИЯ® Pro Computer — a productive personal computer based on the Intel® Core i3 processor, capable of solving a wide variety of tasks. The amount of RAM in 4 GB and the video card nVidia GeForce GT640 with 1 GB of memory allow you to quickly work in applications, and reproduce effects in multimedia applications.

ВЕРСИЯ@ Ultra Computer

ВЕРСИЯ® Ultra Computer

ВЕРСИЯ® Ultra Computer — 8 GB of RAM and a powerful GeForce GTX760 2048MB memory card allow you to play games with the maximum settings for detail and use of all sorts of effects.

ВЕРСИЯ@ Ultra Mini Computer

ВЕРСИЯ® Ultra Mini Computer

Versiya company presents high-performance mini gaming desktop ВЕРСИЯ® Ultra Mini for latest generation games. A series of computers is built on the powerful game graphics of NVIDIA GeForce GTX and processors of the 4th generation from Intel on Haswell core.