Complex solutions for ID-documents

Complex solutions for ID-documents

Versiya company offers complex solutions that allow issuing and verifying electronic documents, such as:
  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad
  • ID-card of a citizen of Ukraine
Biometric documents (with electronic media) allow the identification of a person with high accuracy. Their appearance is due to the need to improve the security of documents, to prevent and counter illegal traffic.

Advantages of biometric documents:

Increase the level of national security and transparency of citizens' movement across the country and beyond its borders. Reducing the time for servicing people with biometric documents - this approach reduces the probability of a controller's subjective error, reduces identification time and speeds up the control process (for example, border control).

Providing the necessary level of protection of personal data of citizens - a biometric chip has an increased level of protection against forgery or any other violations. In case of loss or theft of the biometric document, the possibility of falsifying this document or its use by an unauthorized person is excluded.

These documents are made in the form of a classic booklet or a plastic card that contains a contactless electronic medium (PEN) of information with the owner's data: digital photo, electronic signature, fingerprints, personal data, document number, date of issue, expiration date and other necessary data.

To implement the tasks, automated workplaces for processing biometric data are used, which include, depending on the tasks:

  • Personal computer «Versiya»;
  • Fingerprint reader;
  • Signature reader;
  • Document Reader;
  • Scanner А4;
  • Printer А4;
  • Digital camera;
  • Numeric keypad for entering PIN-code;
  • Concentrator;
  • Uninterruptible power supply;
  • Network filter;;
  • Special software:
    • Software for conducting primary logical quality control and correctness of obtaining personal data in accordance with ISO requirements;
    • Specialized software verification 1: 1 (AFIS) - complex for processing and searching for fingerprints;
    • Specialized software for obtaining personal data and implementing mechanisms to control access to the PEN;
    • Photo quality control module in accordance with ICAO recommendations, designed for automated image analysis for compliance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);
    • The means of cryptographic protection of information is the carrier of key information;
    • Software cryptographic protection of information on information carriers;
    • Software for cryptographic protection of electronic signature information;

Complex solutions for ID-documents