Business Intelligence System (BI-system)

The Corporate Business Intelligence System (BI-system) based on OLAP (On-Line Analytic Processing) technology is a broad category of applications for data collection, access and analysis. Allows organizations to make well-grounded business decisions, and therefore can be a source of competitive advantage.

Advantages of OLAP technologies as the basis of analytical systems:
  • All company data is stored in a single format in one "coordinate system"
  • Reports are generated quickly in seconds
  • Employees can build reports themselves
  • Analytics works without the involvement of IT staff
  • There is the possibility of intelligent search for solutions - "business at your fingertips"
  • It does not require costs, but investments that return quickly
  • Requires, when creating, the involvement of business and IT consultants
  • It affects all units, since it solves the business problems of the entire organization
  • It is created independently of other systems, as it stands "above them"

Classic BI solution model

Business Intelligence System

Introducing a instrument for business analysis - BIT Impulse®

BAT® Enterprise is a fast, secure and stable analytical reporting system with extensive data analysis capabilities and convenient administration based on Microsoft OLAP technology. The system allows you to work with data outside the office, from anywhere in the world.

Goals when implementing the system:
  • Develop a data warehouse and integrate it with your data
  • Build cubes to analyze company basic data
  • Configure tools for data analysis - Excel or / and BAT® Enterprise
  • Teach employees to use single reporting
  • Organize 24x7 support
Ultimately - to introduce a corporate system of business analysis to make management decisions. If necessary, make changes or modify additional functionality, we will do it in a short period of time. Unlike others, we take into account the individual needs of individual customers.

Features of the system:

  • Reports are quickly generated on large amounts of data
  • The type of reports can be changed quickly and easily without involving IT professionals
  • Powerful analytical capabilities, missing in Excel
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Open Office
  • Sending reports by email
  • Convenient work through the Internet at any connection speed (using zip-compression)
  • Flexible administration
Sample reports by section:
  1. Sales
    • Dynamics of sales - regions, customers, distributors, sales representatives, etc.
    • Execution of plans, schedules of shipment
    • Service Level Analysis
    • Analysis of the effectiveness of distribution channels
    • Segmentation of the customer base
    • The effectiveness of promo, trade events
  2. Range
    • Identifying the best / worst products, the seasonality of demand
    • Structures of the assortment (ABC, RFM - analysis)
    • The structure of the invoice, the "average check"
    • Analysis of brand performance
    • Trading Margin Analysis
    • Demand Forecasting
  3. Stocks, purchases
    • Remains and turnover of goods for any day in the context of the whole company, warehouses, distributors
    • Turnover of goods
    • Calculation of target, insurance stock, EOQ
    • OOS and its cost
    • Analysis of the need for raw materials and materials
  4. Production
    • Plan-fact of output
    • Analysis of the level of marriage
    • SLE, OEE reporting
    • Analysis of consumption rates
    • The plan-fact of production costs
    • Efficiency of the use of equipment
    • Analysis of downtime
  5. Finance
    • Plan-fact analysis, P & L
    • Analysis and control of payables / receivables
    • Analysis and control of the cost structure
    • Analysis and control of the payroll fund
    • Cash-flow analysis
    • Efficiency mark

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