Airport decision

Today the dynamically developing airport is a whole complex of various processes that should facilitate a comfortable pastime in the terminal building. Providing security, fast registration, transportation and baggage collection, comfortable waiting and many other factors increase airport ratings and win the love of passengers and airlines.

Versiya сompany develops and implements optimal projects for technological design, supplies equipment and equipment for airports, ensuring efficient and innovative operation of airports.

Baggage sorting system

Baggage sorting systemVersiya сompany carries out designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation of systems for baggage handling in passenger terminals of airports. Such systems are developed individually, in accordance with the architectural solution of the terminal based on typical installations of various capacities.


Inspection equipment

Inspection equipment Smiths DetectionThe safety of people is one of the most important things that must be paid attention to the airport management. Today, inspection points for the presence of dangerous items and substances must meet the most recent requirements, be cost-effective, provide permit and an increased level of comfort for passengers. Versiya сompany provides a range of services to combat various types of threats, using the equipment of the world leader in this industry - Smiths Detection.


Complex solutions for ID-documents

Complex solutions for ID-documentsVersiya сompany offers complex solutions that allow issuing and verifying electronic documents, such as a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad and an ID card of a citizen of Ukraine.


Biometric identification systems

Biometric identification systems DermalogVersiya сompany delivers to the market the biometric identification system manufactured byDermalog GmbH. Tens of thousands of Dermalog fingerprints are used in European countries to implement e-Passport and e-ID projects.


Technological furniture

Technological furniture for airportsVersiya сompany provides a wide choice of professional technological furniture of Italian (company CCM) and its own production. The installation list includes registration racks, information stands, passport and customs control posts.



Signposts for airportsVersiya сompany provides a full range of works from design to installation of signposts. The signposts are supplied both by the Italian company CCM and by its own production.