Inspection equipment

Inspection equipment - Smiths DetectionThe safety of people is one of the most important things that must be paid attention to the airport management. Today, inspection points for the presence of dangerous items and substances must meet the most recent requirements, be cost-effective, provide permit and an increased level of comfort for passengers. These items include both personal systems of human inspection, as well as systems for inspecting parcels, baggage and cargo.

Versiya company provides a range of services to adress various types of threats, using the equipment of the world leader in this industry - Smiths Detection.

Smiths Detection / Heimann equipment provides detection of various types of threats and protection of people during mass events, in institutions, in transport; The inspection of objects of any size - from an envelope to a truck.

The company represents X-ray inspection systems for the search of illegally carried or dangerous items; systems for screening people on the basis of safe technologies; systems for the detection of explosives in luggage and hand luggage.

To get advice on security systems at airports from Smiths Detection / Heimann, you can contact Versiya company at (044) 299-85-05

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